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DAF Davie Expire Fix 300.02

DAF Davie Expire Fix 300.02
DAF Davie Expire Fix 300.02

• Paccar Davie Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 7 32 bit supported with win xp system)
• Paccar Davie Parts Rapido Subset 14.12.F0
• Paccar Davie Application 75.03
With this kit you can diagnose, troubleshoot and program:

• After treatment system.
• Auxialiary system.
• Break system.
• CAB climate system.
• Communication system.
• Door control system.
• Engine system.
• Instrumentation system.
• Power supply and ground.
• Retarder system.
• Safety system.
• Security system.
• Steering control system.
• Suspension system.
• Tachograph.
• Transmission system.
• Vehicle control system.

Direct Testing mode allows immediate selection of individual control units and direct test of their components and functions.

Guided Diagnosis. Using the combination of self-diagnosis symptoms (content of fault memory) and observed symptoms (complaints from customer), the system generates a test plan and guides the user along the shortest route to the suspect component.

HD-OBD mode allows immediate selection of Pacca independent control units and direct testing of their components and functions.

EOL (End Of Line) mode used in stations of the production area and allows programming, calibration, health check and diagnosing of newly produced vehicles.

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