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Cummins Virtual College Training

Cummins Virtual College Training
Cummins Virtual College Training

– Size: 12,9Gb
– Language: English
– O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 8.1
– CPU: Pentium/Athlon 2 GHz or higher
– RAM: 512 MB of system memory
– Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space
– Type: Helpful Training Tips – Virtual College Library, Cummins Virtual College Library
– Just download and use, no need active
– High speed link from Google drive
– 13 Parts / 1Gb


1- Download all parts and extract with pass in Package
2- Insert CD ISO Install and click “set up” untill finish, run icon on Desktop
3- Insert CD ISO Data you want to read, ID and name you can type any words

Note: When you need to read any CD Data ISO so you insert into CD Drive


Cummins Virtual College is an interactive computer-based self-study learning system. Because it utilizes CD-ROMs, no live internet connection is needed to complete the training. The training is targeted at technicians, but others within your organization can also benefit from other paths available on the CDs. This training tool is proven to reduce training costs by minimizing time “away from the shop” for technicians.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Cummins Virtual College Library. This training represents the latest in modular computer based training technology. Following are installation instructions, computer specifications, and other technical notes that will help make your training a truly enjoyable experience.

Course list by CD Rom. Compliled by Mutt.

Disc Course Description

Gen-1 1001 Introduction To Aftertreatment Systems
Gen-1 1002 Passive Aftertreatment Service And Troubleshooting

Gen-2 1003 Introduction to Electrical Troubleshooting
Gen-2 1004 Basic Electrical Theory
Gen-2 1005 Digital Multimeter Usage
Gen-2 1006 Electrical Circuits

Gen-3 1008 Electronic Control System Input
Gen-3 1009 Electronic Control System Processors
Gen-3 1010 Electronic Control System Output
Gen-3 1011 Electronic Control System Identification

Gen-4 1012 Electrical Diagram
Gen-4 1013 Electrical Wiring
Gen-4 1014 Multiplexing

Gen-5 1015 Troubleshooting Techniques for Electronic Control Systems

Gen-6 1027 INSITE – Windows Familiarization
Gen-6 1028 INSITE – Registering and Functionality
Gen-6 1029 INSITE – Operation
Gen-6 1030 INSITE – Read and Reset Fault Codes
Gen-6 1031 INSITE – Diagnostic Operation
Gen-6 1032 INSITE – Reading and Adjusting Features and Parameters
Gen-6 1033 INSITE – ECM Calibration
Gen-6 1034 INSITE – Multi-Module Calibration

Gen-7 1035 INSITE – ECM data
Gen-7 1036 INSITE – Work Orders
Gen-7 1037 INSITE – Printing and File Manipulation

Gen-8 1016 Diesel Fuel System Function
Gen-8 1017 Fuel System Identification
Gen-8 1018 Celect Unit Injector Systems
Gen-8 1019 Quantum Unit Injector Systems
Gen-8 1020 HPI-TP Unit Injector Systems

Gen-9 1021 Bosch VP44 Distributor Pump Systems
Gen-9 1022 Cummins Accumulator Pump Systems

Gen-10 1023 Common-Rail Systems
Gen-10 1024 Common Fuel System Problems

Gen-11 1025 Fuel Sub-System Component Malfunctions
Gen-11 1026 Fuel System Electrical Problems

Gen-12 1039 QuickServe Online Introduction for Service Professionals
Gen-12 1040 QuickServe Online Searches for Service Professionals
Gen-12 1041 Fuel System Clean Care
Gen-12 1042 Engine Clean Care

Gen-13 1043 Principles of Hydrocarbon Injection
Gen-13 1044 Maintenance of Cummins Aftertreatment Systems

Gen-14 —- Placeholder
Gen-14 —- Placeholder
Gen-14 —- Placeholder

Gen-15 1054 EPA07 Aftertreatment Review
Gen-15 1055 EPA07 Aftertreatment System Operator Interface
Gen-15 1056 EPA07 Aftertreatment System And Vehicle Operation

Gen-16 1061 ISX CM871, ISM CM876, ISB CM2150, ISC/ISL CM2150 Air Handling Clean Care
Gen-16 1062 ISX Camshaft Gear Removal And Installation
Gen-16 1063 Heavy Duty And Midrange Coolant Drain And Fill Procedures
Gen-16 1064 ISX Cylinder Cutout Test
Gen-16 1065 ECM Calibrations On QSOL
Gen-16 1066 Radiator Cap Pressure Test
Gen-16 1067 ISX Injector Diagnostics

Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——

HD-1 3000 QSX15 Tier3 Introduction
HD-1 3001 QSX15 Tier3 Mechanicals

HD-2 3002 X-Series Base Engine Cooling System Flow
HD-2 3003 X-Series Base Engine Lubrication System Flow
HD-2 3004 X-Series IFSM Flow (Suction Side Fuel Filtration)

HD-3 3005 X-Series IFSM Flow (Pressure Side Fuel Filtration)
HD-3 3006 X-Series IFSM Fuel Actuator Control Control And Injector Operation
HD-3 3007 X-Series Front Gear Train

HD-4 3008 X-Series Engine Brake

HD-5 3010 ISX CM871 Introduction
HD-5 3011 ISX CM871 Electronic Controls
HD-5 3012 ISX CM871 Component Coolant Flow
HD-5 3013 ISX CM871 EGR Air Handling Familiarization

HD-6 3014 Aftertreatment Hydrocarbon Injection System ISX CM871/ISM CM876
HD-6 3017 ISX CM871 Shop Talk

HD-7 3015 ISX CM871 Mechanicals

HD-8 3018 ISM CM876 Introduction
HD-8 3019 ISM CM876 Electronic Controls
HD-8 3020 ISM Cooling System
HD-8 3021 ISM Lubrication System
HD-8 3022 ISM Fuel System
HD-8 3023 ISM Engine Brake

HD-9 3024 ISM Mechanicals
HD-9 3025 ISM CM876 Shop Talk
HD-9 3030 Crankcase Breather ISX CM871 & ISM CM876

Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——

MR-1 2000 B-Series Engine Mechanicals
MR-1 2002 B-Series Rear Gear Train
MR-1 2003 B-Series Engine Cooling Systems

MR-2 2004 B-Series Engine Lube Systems
MR-2 2005 B-Series Engine Air Systems

MR-3 2006 Introduction To QSB4.5 And QSB6.7 Engines
MR-3 2007 QSB4.5 And QSB6.7 Engines – Shop Talk

MR-4 2012 QSC8.3 & QSL9 CM850 Introduction
MR-4 2013 QSC8.3 & QSL9 Shop Talk

MR-5 2008 C And L Series Mechanicals

MR-6 2009 C And L Series Air Systems
MR-6 2010 C And L Series Lube Systems
MR-6 2011 C And L Series Cooling Systems

MR-7 2014 SCR Active Aftertreatment
MR-7 2015 ISBe4 Introduction
MR-7 2016 ISBe4 Shop Talk

MR-8 2019 ISB CM2150 Introduction
MR-8 2020 ISB CM2150 Shop Talk
MR-8 2021 ISC/ISL CM2150 Introduction
MR-8 2022 ISC/ISL CM2150 Shop Talk
MR-8 2023 ISC/ISL CM2150 Fuel System
MR-8 2024 ISB/ISC/ISL CM2150 Crankcase Breather
MR-8 2025 ISB/ISC/ISL CM2150 Control System

MR-9 2029 Cool Side EGR Air Handling Familiarization

Placeholder ——
Placeholder ——
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Placeholder ——
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