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Cummins INCAL – ECM Calibrations [10.2017]

Cummins INCAL – ECM Calibrations [10.2017]
Cummins INCAL – ECM Calibrations [10.2017]

Cummins INCAL – ECM Calibrations [10.2017]
Size: 26.7Gb
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish etc.
Region: All regions
Type: Service Information
Win: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
System requirements: Cummins Insite
Disk 1 DVD Size: 7.1 Gb
Disk 2 DVD Size: 7.7 Gb
Disk 3 DVD Size: 7.3 Gb
Year: 10.2017
Date of update: 10.2017

The Incal is a set of 3 DVDs which contain the latest revision of the ECM calibrations. They are released and sent out monthly to Incal Subscribers. Please contact your Cummins distributor for more information.
Incal cd’s are Cummins ecm calibration files cd’s, comes in a set of four CD. One customer wants it and upgrade the horse power with the same engine in the cpl or range, or with thru Insite Insite pro calibration software and password he is able to Calibrate an ecm That has an existent or previous calibration in it. Let say I have a Cummins engine N14 cpl 1574 370 horse power thru Insite pro with calibration files (in inch CD’s) and superseded or find for cpl 1574 The Higher horse power available in the in-inch CD’s and reprogram ecm with it, using these calibration password and the proper count Cummins Inline Adapter 5. They May Be Cd for ism or isx, cd, 3 May Be for N14 or M11, and so on.

Cummins INCAL can be used with Cummins Insite software.

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